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The Staple Trading was established by NSE Certified Technical Analyst. after becoming successful trader and sub-broker for 5paisa, Zerodha & Upstox. staple team had decided to explore new dimensions and that's where the idea of establishing Staple Trading Academy was born.

This decision made us pioneer Stock Market Training center in in entire Palghar District.

Our Mission & Vision

To create awareness among our generation and the upcoming generation. The stock market is not all about gambling Stock market is all about controlling emotions, fear, greed, discipline, calculations, money management, and risk management.

India, which is the world's fastest growing economy, has little knowledge of the financial markets.

The number of demat and trading accounts in India is approximately 9 crores. That represents 7% of the total population.

In countries such as the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom, 56%, 30%, and 22% of the population, respectively, invest in stocks.

Japan has a population of about 12 crore, America is about 33 crores, and the UK has a population of about 7 crores. India has a total population of 140 crores. Calculate the difference. It will help you determine Indian stock market potential.

Our Core Values

  • Staple Trading Academy's mission is to share knowledge and information about Financial Markets that can help people become successful traders and investors.

  • In the financial markets, it is a truth that becoming a successful trader takes a lot of psychological effort. It is also imperative to have technical knowledge and fundamental understanding of the markets. Because fundamental expertise helps you decide what to buy, and technical analysis helps you decide when to buy. Psychological training is what helps you come to believe in your trade decision.

  • As a student at Staple Trading Academy, you will not only learn how to trade using Technical Analysis Tools and F&O Strategies. Our emphasis is that you will gain the confidence necessary to over come all the emotions by the time you complete your course with us

Meet The Team

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Varun Pandya

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Certified Technical Analyst

Option Strategist 

NSE Registration No. NCFM-00001306183

Ronak Sayani 2_edited.jpg

Ronak Sayani

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NSE Certified Technical Analyst

Option Strategist

NSE Registration No. NCFM-00001326519 

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