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At Staple Trading Academy we offer unique opportunity by sharing our office space with you. Ideal for full time traders and those who want to learn share trading during live trading session.




As we all know trader usually trades from their home or similar places. Where traders trade alone and not able to exchange trade related views, Ideas and opinions. and also, it’s quite difficult to concentrate on market and maintain discipline.

Having a fixed place to work surrounded by like-minded people having sound technical knowledge helps in communicating views on current trades and further trade opportunities. It also helps in keeping market watch as one or other in the office is constantly tracking market situation which minimizes the chances of missing out on trading opportunity and helps traders to trade confidently. It also helps in learning new strategies, observations and keeping discipline and preventing from over trading. 

It’s a great opportunity.

For traders to have a permanent office place with proper set up,

For freshers / learners to be a part of team of professional full-time trades and learn market during live sessions.

Reserve your now @ ₹ 3000 p.m only 

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